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When I switched to the Mac more than 4 years ago the first podcast I started listening to was the .  I love the layout of the show with the news, application reviews,  tips and the music at the end of the show.

He truly covers it all in his podcasts and is really knowledgeable about the Mac as he has been with a Mac for so long.

I see that he is even called upon in the old media in his local to comment on things happening that are tech. Lately he has been going to events like MacWorld and interviewing people there. Excellent for those of us that can’t get to events like Macworld. Mind you, you never know I might get there one day.

In the podcast we talk about what he uses in his podcasting set up – Alesis IO14 mixer and DBX286A pre amp processor to get rid of the hum from electrical things, such an item would cost about 250 dollars.

He has a Snow flake mic but that would be his main mic but is great for when you are on the move as it is light and small.
Adam is an iWork user but at work will use MS office. One of his sponsors is Circus pony and the  notebook application, of course he mentioned that during theinterview but tells me that he will use Omini Outliner to build his show note for the podcast because he has been using for a long time and because it builds it out to a  html page, makes it nice and easy for his workflow.

Adam also uses Evernote  and we talk about the cross functionality in applications and getting the right thing for the job, or using a combination of applications sometimes.

Net News Wire is one of his favourite apps and he thinks that Neo Office is fabulous.
As part of his day job making web pages Adam has to sometimes use VM ware with IE to be able to test web sites – also has Crossover.
We got talking about web standards and how some developers do a poor job of sticking to the standards and end up with web sites that won’t run on some browsers like Safari.
Adam had proved that he can produce a finished video with a sound track and transitions  ready to be published out to the web in a lunch hour. Isn’t amazing what you can do with iMovie.

Has used Time machine back up to move stuff across to a iMac from a G5 machine and is a firm believer in making back ups as am I

Other favourites
Textexpander, Feeder for the RSS feed I mentioned Jumpcut
Flight control, Cool iris and 1password were all favourites on the iPhone
Things for GTD

Favourite Podcasts
Mac OS ken – Extra life radio  This American life – financial crisis stuff – The planet money podcast explains it simply.
Mac round table Eletronista, Maccast artechnica, Mac nn, Apple Insider, Mac Rumours

Wizardgold Ramblings

In my ramblings I talk about Bento and also about putting encryption on your Mac. I use GPG and a couple of front end GUI’s to make it easier to work with.

I have GPG FileTool and GPG Drop Thing so that I can encrypt whole files or just some selected text.

it really is very easy to do and I will be pleased to help you set up if you need help. We can send each other encrypted messaged to test it out.

I also witter on about my use of bento on the Mac and also a little bit of using it on the iPhone. I can see the benefits of having an application that can be put to a number of database tasks and one that is configurable. Bento also will link into data that you have already in iCal and Contacts.

How cool is that?

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I met through Twitter and it seems that the is where we met all of our new friends these days. As Paul was saying about Mac’s and is also a bit true of Twitter, there is a cameraderie between the users of certain software, or hardware or hogs.

Seesmic is a site I have not mentioned on here yet but it is well worth a look it a site for video social networking. too.


Favourite Podcasts

Apple Quick Tips (It’s a video podcasts from Apple only a minute or 2 each but quite useful)
Buzz Out Loud
Buzz Report
Car Tech Video
Cranky Geeks
The Disciplined Investor
FLOSS Weekly
Friday Night Comedy Podcast (Hillarious Comedy shows from the BBC)
The Guild
Hot Cocoa
International Mac Podcast
Mac OS Ken
Mac OS Ken Day 6
Mac Round Table Podcast
MacBreak Weekly
No Agenda
PCMag Radio
Robert Llewellyn’s Machine of the Week
Scam School
Stephen Fry’s PODGRAMS
Technet Radio
This Week in Photography
This Week in Tech
Tiki Bar TV
The Totally Rad Show
Typical Mac User Podcast
Windows Weekly
Wine Library TV
You look Nice Today
Your Mac Life

VMWare Fusion
Adium for Chat
Adobe Photoshop CS4
Adobe Dreamweaver CS4
Adobe Flash CS4
Final Cut Studio 2
Microsoft Office 2007 via VMware Fusion
Microsoft Office 2008
iPhone Developers Kit

Internet Explorer via VMware Fusion

Rhode Podcaster Microphone
AKG K77 Monitor headphones
Drobo and Droboshare
Apple TV
Nintendo Wii
Xbox 360
Sony PS3
iPhone 2G
iPhone 3G
2002 Harley Davidson V-Rod
2005 Harley Davidson Roadking

What a long list of playthings, After all of that I am thinking I don’t have enough toys. I will have to go and get some gadget therapy.

Please and to view this Viddler video.

Sponsor of the show is and .

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Had a good chat with Eric in the interview, the serious problem he has like many of us Mac users is “Toy Addiction” That’s obviously going to be a problem when Apple keep bringing new and sexy goodies.

He has a large iMac and is waiting on delivery of the new MacBook Pro 17in. Eric was telling me about which is an online way of looking after your finances. More use to US users though due to the limited list of banking sites connected to it. I think I prefer to keep my money info with the bank directly.

Eric is a photographer with a Nikon and is interested in doing some HDR High Dynamic Range photos and we mentioned the applications and one called . Photomatix is my preferred HDR software. I asked if he had, had the urge to get a book of photos printed using the Apple service but was unsure about the quality of the printing, so if any of you have knowledge of that please leave a comment belao.

He has available if he has to run a Windows program but rarely uses it since changing job. Eric recomends adblock and the translator plug ins for Firefox. He says that is worth looking at for us social networking types. I countered with my choice, which is and lately using with

Soul music is a passion for Eric and he contributes to a blog called . An excellent resource if you are into soul music.