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Really pleased to get Don on the show. So many interviewees are recommending him and his Screencasts online and also I met him in the flesh as it were last September at Podcamp Barcelona. Don did a session at the Podcamp and I certainly found it interesting as he talked about the monetisation of his Podcast and how he was able to give up the day job. Now he has a job in which he works harder, probably but when you are doing something you want to do it is often not like work at all.

Don produces Screencasts showing how to use many of the Mac Applications and does a great job of it too. Steps by step guides to using an application in real world situations.

Don gets out and about as part of his Screencastsonline with MacMania tours, he is going to China later this year. He also gets to Macworld events in places like San Francisco. Obviously he is doing well with the service that he provides so that he can afford his Apple hardware and gadget addiction. As a member you get a brand new tutorial every week and extra member only shows. If you want to try it out then you can have a look at the free shows he makes available to the non members. Its a try before you buy thing, which is always good. . While you are on the Screencasts online site have a look at the free screencasts too. I was just watching one about how to geo tag your photos for iLife09. Excellent stuff !

Don has nearly 200 screencasts available and the good thing is that when you pay your six month membership you get access to all of the back issues too. That makes the deal to be great value.

Here is a list of the equipment that Don uses

Computer Equipment
ScreenCapture, Editing and Encoding – Apple MacPro (2 x 2.8 Ghz Quad-Core Intel Xeon with 10GB RAM)
Sonnet Tempo SATA E4P Card
Shuttle Pro 2

Internal – 4 x 500GB (2 x RAID 1 Partitions)
External – 2 x Fusion D500P with Multiplier Support (each with 5 x 750GB in RAID 0 config)
Various Firewire external drives

Audio Equipment
Heil PR-30 Microphone
dbx-266XL – Limiter/Compressor

Mackie Onyx 1220 Mixer
Edirol UA-1ex USB Interface

Capture and Assembly Edit – Vara ScreenFlow
Final Edit – Final Cut Studio
Titling and Effects – Motion 3
Encoding – Compressor

As you can see Don has some good kit there. Maybe I will be able to get a MacPro one of the days with a pile of memory and hard disk thrown inside. You can find out about his work flow for making the screencasts on the blog he runs

Don is on a few other podcasts as a guest, including Mac Break Weekly with Leo Laporte and Andy Inatko. Mac Round table

Don also mentioned Mercury Mover, iBank. Logitech MX Revolution Mouse, Drobo, Jungle Disk, Plex, Boxee, The Automated home Podcast and Delicious Monster Podcast

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My son came to visit for my birthday and seeing as I gave him my iMac 17″ to use and also a to use also, I thought it would be fun to interview him. I don’t think he took it totally serious, but what can you expect from a young art student being interviewed for a podcast by his dad. We had some fun anyway.

This is a short interview and makes me think that I should spend some time with him showing a bit more of what you can do with a Mac. last time I went to visit him though in his student flat in Dublin. I spent the time watching him do drawings in Photoshop with the Wacom that would take him a few minutes which would I would have to spend ages drawing. I used to be an art teacher and now I think I used to be OK at drawing.

I suppose at some point in time I will have to buy him an external USB hard disk so that he can make use of Time Machine. I did tell him though that he should get a and also a account so that he can have some offline back up and also be able to share him files. he is obviously keen to show off his drawings.

I would be pleased if he would start to learn to some Flash animations, but I think that he prefers the drawing of the traditional way with a pencil and a sketchbook.



Talking about 2d and 3d Illustration applications, and more.

I bought the Cintiq 12WX and I have to say using it is great but it took me some time to get it set up to work right.

When connected to my new iMac I have to set the position in relation to the main screen and the position of the Mac title bar just right. For me it works best with the extra display of the Cintiq to be above the main screen and with the title bar set in the Cintiq. That leaves the dock in the main screen. This is good because the dock gets in the way of the drawing on the smaller screen if set into the Cintiq.

The other set up to be done was the calibration, which involves pointing to 2 hairline crosses, top left and bottom right of the screen. That took a while to get the point positioned right relative to the pointer. You don’t want it under the pointer so that you can’t see it when you are drawing. It is better slightly up and slightly to the left (if you are right handed)

Drawing with the CIntiq is pure joy, which is just as well considering the price of the item. It isn’t exactly the same as drawing on paper but pretty close. Maybe the tiniest of lags from pointer to paint movement.

Screen size it something that bothered me at first. I bought an iMac with the big 24in screen and now I am working on a 12in with a smaller resolution ?? It’s Ok when you get used to it though. I did try mirroring the displays but that left me with the lower resolution on the iMAc and that was terrible. I wonder what is the resolution on the 21in Cintiq, if it matches the resolution on the iMac I will consider the 21in next year, for a while I considered sending back the 12 n and getting the 21in now but, was wise enough to give the 12 in some time for me to get used to.

Unfortunately I only had the Cintiq a few hours before having to go away for a few days but as soon as I got back I got playing with it. I spent a day working with ArtRage doing some drawing on the tablet and was pleased with the results and then the next day I worked in Illustrator to make a repeating pattern design to upload to my microstock sites. You can see which Micro Stock Sites I use at Web site.

I will post up a couple of drawings when I get around to it….

I am planning to make a new design each day to build up the portfolios in the Microstock sites because I have been doing well selling the illustrations, better than with the photo sales. has been a good one for the illustrations but not as successful as

Just seen that the repeating tile pattern I uploaded to BigStockPhoto has been added to my portfolio there and the wait for the image to get on to Dreamstime is around 120 hours.

Get the Internet to come to you use this Feed in your favourite Feed reader. I like

Wacom Cintiq 12WX drawing tablet

I have bought a new Wacom tablet so that I can pass the one I have now, an A5 wide to my son, it wil be good for his art studies. The new tablet is a screen as well as a tablet. It will be like having a digital sketchpad. I will be able to draw directly on the screen and according to others that has such a device is a joy to use.

Today i have been working with the old tablet and I made a design which is a repeating pattern. I have uploaded it to a few sites but I have to wait to see if it is accepted.

On the subject of images being accepted you really need a thick skin because sometimes files get declined for a variety of reasons. I have found in the past that the vector files I would have more or less total acceptance rate on the microstock sites. Today though I had 2 file rejected by Fotolia and the same files added to my portfolios at Featurepics and photo. Weird – lets see what happens with the repeating pattern I just sent to Fotolia.

Maybe the reviewer was having a bad day. One of the files was a reworking of a file that sold multiple times for me on already.

I have also just sent in 2 files to iStockPhoto. Both were files that I used to gain acceptance on that site as an illustrator so theorectically they should go on without problems, though I was somewhat annoyed with the whole prcess.

With you have to get accepted as an illustrator first. They make you jump through a pile of hoops to get you you verified on their books. The size of the file has to be just right for both the JPG thumbnail and the EPS vector image too and you have to put the vector inside a zip file and send it all in via the web site. What bugs me is that when it comes to the actual sending in the files again to submit them to your portfolio the sizes are all different and the procedure is different also. Why???? I would have thought that the idea of the hoop jumping would be to train people into doing it a certain way so that it would be correct for submissions.

and on the other hand are super easy for submissions, you only have to upload one file – the vector file and their system makes the thumbnail for you. You still have to do all the keywords and the categories though.