Video20Q Podcast 23 Angelo Bell Interview Part 2

Second instalment of the interview with the inimitable Angelo Bell. Talking about experiences of making movies as an independent film director.


Legend of Black Lotus is a re-imagining of the story of Mulan. In his story, an Empress gives birth to a dark-skinned child who is prophesied to restore the war-torn kingdom to glory, but must endure the hardships of slavery to achieve her destiny.

Extended for one more day, every backer who joins Angelo on to help make Legend of Black Lotus will get a free download of Broken Hearts Club. Broken Hearts Club is a romantic comedy drama wherein an apathetic psychiatrist is force to treat and onslaught of melodramatic love-lost couples, and in the process uncovers the root of his distant behaviour that jeopardises his marriage.

For your free download, just visit his profile at . Once you join the growing list of backers you will receive an email, from Angelo with a special link for a digital download of Broken Hearts Club in addition to the perks associated with your donation!

Video20Q Podcast 22 featuring Angelo Bell (Part 1)

Going to the Movies


is a writer, director and an independent producer in Los Angeles whose professional goal is to develop and create engaging and commercially viable, low-budget films. Angelo is an award-winning filmmaker with two best-in-festival wins for El Ride (as producer) and Until Next Time (as consulting producer and editor). In 2007, he set a record at the Los Angeles International Shorts Festival when four of his films were accepted.

I went to see the Knight and day movie at the local movie theatre in Platja d’Aro and enjoyed it thoroughly. But I have to say the screen writer should be shot. If I said to you that I was going to New York and I was looking forward to seeing the homes of the famous actors in Hollywood on the first day of my visit there and on the second day I will check out the cowboys out on the range in Harlem
You might think I was stupid or crazy
But then US writers think they can get away with having the Streets of Sevilla filled with the Bull running event which everyone knows – or nearly everyone knows – takes place in Pamplona.

The whole movie was a stringing together of action sequences that were well shot and made for a engaging movie as evidenced by the number of people that would agree with me that the time goes so quick while watching it. I think if the next movie I see is Shrek then it will be hugely more sensible than was Knight and day.

There is poetic licence and the suspension of WTF in the movies and things that have to be so for the sake of the movie but there are some things like the aforementioned Sevilla joke – that should not be messed with so that the film at least tries to have some credibility. That effort of trying – is what it takes for the viewer to have some hope of achieving the suspension of reality to be able to enjoy the movie by believing what is going on for at least the length of the film.

What do you think? Does it matter if the result is a very entertaining diversion in the cinema while stuffing yourself with popcorn.


YouTube has increased the limit allowed for the movies posted on there from ten minutes to fifteen minutes. Good news there seeing as I have sometimes found the 10 minutes to be too short for what I wanted to do.

The interview with Angelo

The first part of the interview with Angelo Bell the Director of films such as Resurrection of Serious Rogers which is The Usual Suspects meets The Professional — a multi-layered neo noir thriller about an assassin who finds redemption in the eyes of a nanny; a drug addicted FBI agent out for justice, a military hero hungry for revenge and the mystery man who controls their fates.

Angelo also made the movie which is a raw relationship drama which after airing at film festivals got broadcast as a series on TV.

Angelo is deeply committed to the independent film movement and supports other filmmakers with their creative endeavours. through his blog at He has been quoted in the Filmmaker Magazine blog and writes about DIY distribution, crowd funding and film sales. Angelo’s articles and film reviews can also be found online at, and

We had a long chat so I have split this into 2 parts I will publish the second part of the interview with Angelo next week

May Mac20Q Podcasts

– Stargate Computers

- Toronto Photographer

– The Maccast

– Out of Office – writer

– Developer of Amadeus Pro

– Student

– The Mac Mommy

Only seven regular audio podcasts, but I did do a screen cast of how to use and a couple of video news shows. I also got out one podccast for nothing in there about Macs, in fact Debbie who I was interviewing would not get a Mac because of the negative advertising and Microsoft bashing.  Her bloke though was a Mac user. Some sense in the pair!!

Monday Morning at Mac20Q

Nothing done at all during the weekend due to family party yesterday. So it is nose to the grindstone this morning.

End of last week I purchased the application Scrivener, which I am really pleased with. It is a writers piece of software and I will have to contact the developer to ask him to come on the show. It has some really good features to help organise your work. It won’t write it for you but has many useful features.

There have been a few entries to the competition to win a copy of Amadeus Pro. I will let this run until the end of the week and then I will draw the winner from a hat, like a rabbit but with more panache.

Working on the next podcast today editing the interview with Evan Montgomery. Looking good so far should have posted later today.

The next task after that will be to make a screen cast for AmadeusPro to show a few things. So that is one vide thing and the other is to do a Wizardgold news show.